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We offer over 250 unique and experienced voice artists for all types of voiceover projects. Radio and television commercials, website videos, eLearning modules and training courses, corporate and branding presentations, on-hold, characters – you name it! You’re welcome to tour our two levels of voiceover talent categories. Tier 1 talent are flexible with the budget, and Tier 2 talent will give you a quote for using their voice on your project. If you need help in choosing the right voice for your project, just call or email us and we’ll suggest some demos. Our number is 541-732-3095. Thanks for dropping by! Now – let’s talk!

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                          asterisk These talents offer same-day turnaround on dry voice-overs.

For Markets and Budgets of most sizes For Markets and Budgets of most sizes

Aaron A. (Sincere, Serious, Vibrant)

     Aaron A requires 24-hour turnaround

Aaron (Rich, Warm, Smooth) asterisk

Adam S. (Compelling, Fresh, Hard Sell)asterisk

Al B. (Edgy, Big, Urban)

Alan C. (Mellow, Paced, Confident)

Allan N. (Friendly, Sincere, Confident) asteriskNew!

 Allan N. is temporarily unavailable

Andy M (Young, Cool, Versatile)asterisk

Barry Van (Calming, Storyteller, Friendly) asterisk

B.K. (Urban, Energetic, Clear)

Bill B. (Authoritative, Energetic, Versatile) asterisk

Bill D. (Versatile, Strong, Natural)asterisk

Bill D3 (Friendly, Engaging, Amusing)asterisk

Bill L. (Deep, Warm, Authoritative)asterisk

Billy M.  (Friendly, Engaging, Believable) asterisk

Bob B2 (Wise, Convincing, Experienced)asterisk

Bob M. (Polished, Versatile, Clean)

Bob T. (Friendly, Persuasive, Fun)asterisk

Bob W.  (Authoritative, Engaging, Rich)asterisk

Bobby (Friendly, Mature, Natural)

Brian H2 (Deep, Energetic, Versatile)

Brian W. (Edgy, Young, Enthusiastic) asterisk

Bryce (Energetic, Young, Cool) asterisk

Charlie (Versatile, Friendly, Commanding)

Chris R. (Fresh, Corporate, Believable)asterisk

Christian  (Youthful, Guy-Next-Door, Upbeat)   New!

Chuck (Powerful, Dramatic, Upbeat)

 Craig (Young, Energetic, Dramatic)asterisk

Dan V  (Deep, Expressive, Confident)

     Dan V. requires 24-hour turnaround

Dan (Friendly, Versatile, Warm)

     Dan requires 24-hour turnaround

Danny L.(Youthful, Believable, Announcer)

Dave M. (High Energy, Strong, Bold)asterisk

Dean (Friendly, GuyNextDoor, Upbeat)asterisk

Deke (Versatile, Direct, Warm) asterisk

Derek A. (Warm, Corporate, Versatile) asterisk

Dick (Mature, Straightforward, Natural)asterisk

Doug R. (Hip, Young, Edgy)

Dustin (Believable, Friendly, Guy-Next-Door)asterisk

Ed W. (Edgy, Enthusiastic, Youthful) asterisk 

Eric (Persuasive, Upbeat, Sincere)

Eric 2  (Distinct, Versatile, Genuine) New!

Erik R. (Youthful, Edgy, Contemporary) asterisk

Esteban (Spanish Accent, deep, smooth)

Frank S.  (Engaging, Warm, Powerful) asterisk

George (Energetic, Friendly, Confident)

Jack D. (Natural, Friendly, Versatile)asterisk

Jack D Auto Dealer Hard Sell

Jack S. (Deep, Hard-Sell, Auto) asterisk

Jack S 2 (Professional, Conversational, “Guy Next Door”) asterisk

Jason D. (Friendly, Sincere, Fun)

Jason R. (Diverse, Warm, Professional)  asterisk

Jay (Smooth, Friendly, Natural)

Jeff (Friendly, Trustworthy, Warm)

Jim H. (Calming, Approachable, Honest)asterisk

Jim W.  (Professional, Friendly, Conversational)  asteriskNew!

JJ (Freshly Baked Bread)

JJ_Auto Dealer Demo

Joe (Young, Bright, Friendly) asterisk

John B. (Friendly, Natural, Genuine)

     John B requires a 24-hour turnaround

John H. (Crisp, Authoritative, Sincere)

John Mc. (Smooth, Natural, Clear) asterisk

John Mc. 2 (Relaxed, Honest, Refined) asterisk

John R1 (Authoritative, Professional, Persuasive) asterisk New!

John R2  (Rich, Conversational, Friendly) asterisk New!

Josh(Versatile, Energetic, Natural) asterisk

Joshua E. (Fun, Smooth, Dominant)  asteriskNew!

Justin (Gen-X, High Energy, Youthful)

    Justin is temporarily unavailable

Keith (Deep, Uptempo, Businesslike) New Demo!

Ken M. (Clear, Classic, Powerful) asterisk

Kevan (Natural, Friendly, Compelling) asterisk

Kevin C1 (Upbeat, Edgy, Urban) asterisk

Kevin C2 (Friendly, Conversational, Directable) asteriskNew!

Kris (Real, Friendly, Versatile)asterisk

Lance D. (Conversational, Friendly, Sincere)asterisk

Luis (Spanish Accent, Expressive, Real) asterisk

Mark 2 (Authoritative, Character, Edgy)

     Mark 2 requires a 24-hour turnaround

Matt A (Calming, Bass, Friendly) 

Matt R. (Deep, Powerful, Hard-sell)

     Matt R requires a 24-hour turnaround

Michael C. (Storyteller, Trustworthy, Mature)

Michael J. (Warm, Sincere, Persuasive)asterisk

Michael M1 (Fun, Friendly, Creative)

Michael M2 (Authentic, Charming, Serious) asterisk

Michael M4 (Serious, Direct, Authoritative) asterisk New!

Murray (Young, Familiar, Upbeat)

Neil 2 (Relatable, Sincere, Passionate)asterisk

Paul 2 (Versatile, Polished, Warm)

     Paul 2 requires 24-hour turnaround

Pete M.(Upbeat, Intense, Friendly) 

     Pete M. requires 24-hour turnaround

Peter B.  (Conversational, Relatable, Fresh)  asterisk  New!

Racer (Big Announcer, Dramatic, Energetic)asterisk

Randy (Classy, Menacing, Intense)asterisk

Richard C (Versatile, Reliable, Hard-Sell) asterisk

     Richard C_Auto Dealer

Rich B. (Mellow, Conversational, Serious)asterisk

Rick G. (Sincere, Warm, Mature)

Rick P. (Father, Folksy, Friendly asterisk 

     Rick P. requires 24-hour turnaround

Rob (Authentic, Uptempo, Hard Sell)

Ron (Mature, Genuine, Friendly)

Rudy (Young, Edgy, Modern) asterisk

Russ J.  (Fun, Energetic, Authoritative) 

Russ Mc  (Urgent, Converstational, Excited)  asterisk  New Demo!

       Russ Mc. – Auto Dealer Demo

Ryan (Youthful, Upbeat, Confident)

Sam (Textured, Friendly, Range)

Scooter (Trust-Worthy, Bold, Baritone)

Scott G (Folksy, Sincere, Conversational) asterisk

Scott N. (Upbeat, Youthful, Energetic)asterisk 

Scott S (Young, Friendly, Believable) asterisk 

Shane (Versatile, Smooth, Energetic)

Shawn (Young, Edgy, Upbeat) asterisk

Steve D.  (Husky, Expressive, Announcer)asterisk

Steve L. (Young, Edgy, Uptempo) asterisk

Steve L2 (Deep, Dramatic, Intense)

Steve V. (Deep, Familiar, Dramatic) asterisk

Stu G. (Fresh, Energetic, Hip) asterisk

Stuart L. (Hard-sell, Deep, Energetic)

Stuart N. (Upbeat, Friendly, MidWest Sound) asterisk

Terry K. (Friendly, Real, Relatable) asterisk 

Tim 2 (Energetic, Hip, Conversational)

    Tim 2 requires a 48-hour turnaround

Tim 3 (Authentic Australian)

Todd 2 (Conversational, Honest, Trustworthy)asterisk

Tom M. (Deep, Strong, Mature) asterisk

Turner   (Urban, Upbeat, Engaging)

William (Smooth, Natural, Rich) asterisk

Zach (Serious, Energetic, Attitude)asterisk

For Markets and Budgets of most sizes For Markets and Budgets of most sizes

Alisa Z. (Strong, Sexy, Vibrant)

Amy K. (Edgy, Fun-Loving, Nurturing)

Amy R. (Emotive, Sincere, Friendly)asterisk

Arlene (Friendly, Serious, Fun)asterisk

Blair (Modern, Strong, Frisky) asterisk New!

Bobbi (Urban, Smooth, Warm)

Bridget (Businesslike, Straightforward, Natural)

Carolyn (Friendly, Natural, Warm)

Catherine (Deeper, Polished, Upbeat)

Cathy (Versatile, Natural, Friendly)

     Cathy requires a 24-hour turnaround

Chris E. (Soothing, Fun, Friendly)

Christy L (Mature, Engaging, Fun)

Cindy (Smooth, Versatile, Warm) asterisk

Dana Rae (Strong, Upbeat, Familiar) asterisk
Debbie (Smooth, Natural, Warm) asterisk

Delyte (Urban, Unique, Conversational) asterisk

Diane L. (Familiar, Upbeat, Friendly)

Diane M. (Versatile, Friendly, Sincere) asterisk

Elise (Mom-Next-Door, Fun, Expressive)

      Elise requires a 24-hour turnaround

Gale (Warm, Knowledgeable, Real) asterisk

Jamee (Young, Sultry, Smooth)

Jan (Distinctive, Warm, Inviting)asterisk

Jane (Friendly, Conversational, Professional)

     Jane requires a 24-hour turnaround

Jeannie (Professional, Energetic, Smooth)

Jenn (Friendly, Young, Conversational) asterisk

Jen T. (Natural, Professional, Expressive)

Jewel (Friendly, Smooth, Professional) asterisk

Jill (Friendly, Smooth, Professional) asterisk

JoJo (Contemporary, Upbeat, Direct) asterisk  New Demo!

Jonna (Classy, Corporate, Emotive) asterisk

Julie D  (Energetic, Hip, Friendly) asterisk 

Julie K (Caring, Sincere, Thoughtful) 

     Julie requires a 24-hour turnaround

Juliette  (Transatlantic, Light, Honest) asterisk

Karen (Sexy, Young, Fun)

Kate S  (British, Warm, Confident) New!

Kate requires a 24-hour turnaround

Kelly (Soft, Sexy, Real)

Kim W. (Warm, conversational, sexy)asterisk

Kimberly (Mature, Rich, Warm) asterisk

Kim S1 (Energetic, Upbeat, Expressive)  New!

   Kim S. requires a 24-hour turnaround

Kim S2  (Raspy, Youthful, Millenneal)  asterisk  New!

Kym M. (Professional, Friendly, Smooth)

     Kym M. requires a 24-hour turnaround

Laurel T.  (Upbeat, Friendly, Professional)  New!

Linda (Friendly, Natural, Warm)

     Linda requires a 24-hour turnaround

Lisa S. (Professional, Warm, Caring)

Liz A. (Confident, Warm, Friendly)asterisk

Liz S. (Warm, Professional, Trusting)asterisk

Lyssa  (Authoritative, friendly, smoky) asteriskNew!

Maggie C.  (Clear, Wise, Warm)asterisk New!

Margo M.  (Textured, Rich, Full) asterisk

Margo Z. (Charming, Dramatic, Engaging)asterisk

Maureen (Dramatic, Upbeat, Versatile)

Maxine (Fresh, Distinctive, Compelling) asterisk

Melissa S.  (Fluid,  Warm, Urban) New!

    Melissa requires a 24-hour turnaround

Mia  (Peppy, Youthful, Clear)  New!

Michele O. (Authentic, Flirtatious, Happy)

Michelle B. (Youthful, Energetic, Fun)

     Michelle is temporarily unavailable

M.J.(Smooth, Sexy, Versatile)

Monica L. (Fun, Sincere, Smooth)

Nancy G.  (Sincere, warm, sexy) asterisk

Pam (Familiar, Warm, Friendly)

     Pam requires a 24-hour turnaround 

Pamela H. (natural, warm, personable) asterisk

Pat B. (Smooth, Sincere, Inviting) asterisk  New Demo!

Randi (Mature, Enthusiastic, Relatable) asterisk

Ronda (Engaging, Familiar, Warm)

     Ronda requires a 24-hour turnaround

Sandee (Smooth, Sincere, Mature)

Shelly B. (Smart, Upbeat, Matter-of-Fact)

Susan S. (Young, Friendly, Energetic)

Stevie (British, Versatile, Unique)

 Tammy (Alluring, Elegant, Likable)asterisk

Tanya English / Tanya British (Engaging, Natural, Versatile)asterisk

Tara (Sincere, Familiar, Warm)

Tara requires 24-hour turnaround

Terry (Versatile, Smooth, Warm)

Tessa (Caring, Genuine, Sunny) asterisk

Theresa (Soothing, Conversational, Believable) asterisk

T.K. (Urban, Warm, Smooth)

Trish B.  (Smooth with a Grainy Edge) New!

Wendy B   (Energetic, Conversational, Versatile) asterisk



Availability may vary; minimum 24-hour turnaround.

Only talents with an English demo are bilingual.   Talents with an asterisk are “Tier 2” and provide a custom quote upon your request. 






Michelle B

   Michelle B is temporarily unavailable


Liseete NEW!





Paco (Castillian)


Roberto (Castillian)



*Talent marked with an asterisk will quote per project

Availability may vary; minimum 48-hour turnaround. 

Augusta – Age 10-14*

Chloe_Age 8  New!

Libby – Age 12

Nicole – age 14

Mother & Daughter Combo! (Dana-Mom & Nicole Age 10)

Quoted per project. Availability may vary; minimum 48-hour turnaround. 

Alan S (Mature, Versatile, Sophisticated)

Alfonso – Spanish (Versatile, English and Spanish)

Alfonso – English (Versatile, English and Spanish)

Andre French & English (Bright, Convincing)

Axel (Spanish, Friendly, Warm)

Brent C.  (Contemporary, Real, Conversational) asterisk

Brian B. (Scottish, Strong, Rich)

Brian H. (Versatile, Conversational, Dramatic)

Chris (Warm, Deep, Mellow) asterisk

       Chris is unavailable for hard-sell or auto dealers

Dave D. (Believable, Rich, Engaging)asterisk

Dave S-2  (Announcer, High Energy, Warm)

      Dave S2 requires a 48-hour turnaround

David (British, Mature, Dramatic) asterisk

David 2 (British,Warm, Informative)

Edoardo (Italian,Smooth, Rich)

Erick A. (Friendly, Great Attitude, Up Tempo)

Gary (Upbeat, Direct, Confident)

Ian (British, Serious, Direct)asterisk

Jamie C.  (Edgy, Energetic, Contemporary)

James G.(Urban Baritone, smooth, conversational) asterisk

Jerry P. (Believable, likable, guy-next-door)

Jerry P_Automotive Demo

John T. (Distinct, Versatile, Genuine)

Jorge M.(Spanish, Powerful, Agreeable, Emotive)

Kelly S. (Casual, Powerful, Smooth) asterisk

Matt D. (Expressive, Gen-X, Smooth)

Matt G (Guy Next Door, Upbeat, Friendly) New!   asterisk

Matt H. (British, Versatile, Natural)

Mauricio P-2  (Castillian Spanish, Deep)

Michael C2 (British, Young, Engaging)

Mike S. (Youthful, Fresh, Believable) asterisk

Nathan (Urban, Calming, Relatable)asterisk New!

Neil (British, natural, conversational)

Nick (British, Approachable, Sincere)

Paul 1 (Mature, Versatile, Smooth) asterisk

Pat D. (Fresh, Dramatic, Direct)

Richard 2 (British, Friendly, Upbeat, Serious)

        Richard 2 unavailable for Holiday-themed scripts

Rob H. (Natural, Relaxed, Smooth)

Roger B. (Mature, Western, Gravelly)

Scott 2 (Friendly, Confident, Baritone)

Simon (British, Warm, Rich, Deep)

Steve S. (Big, Flexible, Friendly) asterisk

Stewart (Younger,Versatile,Colorful)asterisk

Todd 1 (Versatile, Natural, Warm)

Tom H.  (Announcer, Deep, Strong)asterisk

Tom W.  (Relaxed, Convincing, Mature) asterisk  New!

Von (Powerful, Deep, Strong)

Quoted per project. Availability may vary; minimum 48-hour turnaround.

Alejandra (Spanish, Confident, Happy)asterisk

Alix (Sultry, Charming, Authentic)

Amanda  (Natural, Approachable, Engaging)

       Amanda requires a 24-hour turnaround

Angeli (Confident, Conversational, Compassionate) asterisk  New!

Arielle (Young, Upbeat, Friendly)asterisk

Beth (Warm, Smooth, Sexy)

C.C. (Sassy, Real, Professional)asterisk

Claire (French, Conversational, Believable)

Christine C.(Attractive, Smooth, Intelligent) asterisk

Dani (Girl-next-door, expressive, natural) asterisk

Denise-2 (Bold, Fun, Versatile)asterisk

Dina (Youthful, Fun, Expressive) asterisk

Donna (Animated, Flexible, Trustworthy)

Fran (Conversational, polished, engaging)

Gaelle (French, Distinctive, Honest)

Gigi  (Authoritative, Caring, Warm)

Jessica B. (Animated, Energetic, Youthful)asterisk

Jo (Expressive, Fiery, Great Attitude)

Liana B.  (Conversational, Young, Sassy)  asterisk

Liz D. (Fun, Upbeat, Conversational)

Mary M2 (Soothing, Comfortable, Friendly)

Mei (Warm, Versatile, Friendly)

Melanie (Rich, Solid, Natural)asterisk

Melissa B. (Inviting, Authentic, Flexible) asterisk

Pearl (British, Expressive, Fun) asterisk

Peta (Trans-Atlantic accent, British, Australian)

      Peta requires 24-hour turnaround P

Rachel (Versatile, Sexy, Smooth) asterisk

Samantha (French, Smooth, Sophisticated)

Shelley A. (Welsh, London, Scottish) asterisk New!

Tina (Announcer, Happy, Textured)

Tracy L. (Natural, Honest, Intelligent) asterisk New!

Vicki English / Vicki British (Smart, Smooth, Natural)

     Vicki requires 48-hour turnaround