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Commercial Demos

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We offer over 250 unique and experienced voice artists for all types of voiceover projects.   Radio and television commercials, website videos, eLearning modules and training courses, corporate and branding presentations, on-hold, characters – you name it!    You’re welcome to tour our two levels of voiceover talent categories.  Tier 1 talent are flexible with the budget, and Tier 2 talent will give you a quote for using their voice on your project.   If you need help in choosing the right voice for your project, just call or email us and we’ll suggest some demos.  Our toll-free number is 855-732-3095.  Thanks for dropping by!  Now – let’s talk!

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asteriskThese talents offer same-day turnaround on dry voice-overs.

For Markets and Budgets of most sizes

Aaron A. (Sincere, Serious, Vibrant)asterisk 
Aaron (Rich, Warm, Smooth) asterisk
Adam S. (Compelling, Fresh, Hard Sell)asterisk 
Al B. (Edgy, Big, Urban)asterisk
Alan C. (Mellow, Paced, Confident)
Andrew 1(Urban, Warm, Resonant)
     Andrew 1 is unavailable until further notice
Andy M (Young, Cool, Versatile)asterisk
Barry Van (Caring, Country, Familiar)asterisk
     Barry Van will be unavailable August 29-September 4
B.K. (Urban, Energetic, Clear)
Bill D. (Versatile, Strong, Natural)asterisk
Bill D2 (Versatile, Friendly, Fun)asterisk
Bill D3 (Friendly, Engaging, Amusing)asterisk
Bill L. (Deep, Warm, Authoritative)
Bob B2 (Wise, Convincing, Experienced)asterisk
     Bob B2 does not voice hard-sell or over-written scripts
Bob M. (Polished, Versatile, Clean)
Bob T. (Friendly, Persuasive, Fun)asterisk
Bobby (Friendly, Mature, Natural)
Brent C. (Contemporary, Real, Conversational) asterisk
Brian H2 (Deep, Energetic, Versatile)
Brian W. (Edgy, Young, Enthusiastic) asterisk
Bryce (Energetic, Young, Cool) asterisk
Chris_R. (Fresh, Corporate, Believable)asterisk
Chuck (Powerful, Dramatic, Upbeat)
Craig (Young, Energetic, Dramatic)asterisk
Dan (Friendly, Versatile, Warm)
     Dan requires 24-hour turnaround; Dan 1 will be unavailable November 18-30
Danny (Youthful, Believable, Announcer)
Dave D. (Believable, Rich, Engaging)asteriskNew
Dave M. (High Energy, Strong, Bold)asterisk
Dean (Friendly, GuyNextDoor, Upbeat)asterisk
Deke (Versatile, Direct, Warm) asterisk
Derek (Warm, Corporate, Versatile) asterisk
     Derek will be unavailable September 6-14
Dick (Mature, Straightforward, Natural)asterisk
Doug R. (Hip, Young, Edgy)
Dustin (Believable, Friendly, Guy-Next-Door)asterisk
     Dustin will be unavailable August 16- September 3
Earl   (Mellow, Versatile, Upbeat)  asterisk New
Ed W.  (Edgy, Enthusiastic, Youthful)  asterisk 
Eric (Persuasive, Upbeat, Sincere)
Erik R. (Youthful, Edgy, Contemporary) asterisk 
Esteban (Spanish Accent, deep, smooth)
Frank (Dramatic, Smooth, Cool)
     Frank requires a 24-hour turnaround
George (Energetic, Friendly, Confident) 
Greg (Bright, Energetic, Smooth) asterisk
Jack D. (Natural, Friendly, Versatile)asterisk
Jack S. (Deep, Hard-Sell, Auto) asterisk
Jack S 2 (Professional, Conversational, “Guy Next Door”) asterisk New
Jason D. (Friendly, Sincere, Fun)asterisk
Jason R. (Diverse, Warm, Professional) asterisk
Jay (Smooth, Friendly, Natural)
Jeff (Friendly, Trustworthy, Warm) New
Jim H. (Calming, Approachable, Honest)asterisk
JJ (Fresh Baked Bread)
Jodi (Young, Versatile, Friendly)asterisk
Joe (Young, Bright, Friendly) asterisk
John B. (Friendly, Natural, Genuine)
     John B requires a 24-hour turnaround
John H. (Crisp, Authoritative, Sincere)
John Mc. (Smooth, Natural, Clear) asterisk
John Mc. 2 (Relaxed, Honest, Refined) asterisk
Josh (Versatile, Energetic, Natural) asterisk
Justin (Gen-X, High Energy, Youthful)
     Justin is temporarily unavailable
Keith A. (Deep, Uptempo, Businesslike) asterisk 
Kelly S. (Casual, Powerful, Smooth) asterisk
Ken M. (Clear, Classic, Powerful) asterisk New
Kevan (Natural, Friendly, Compelling) asterisk
Kevin C1 (Upbeat, Edgy, Urban) asterisk
Kris (Enthusiastic, Friendly, Hard-Sell) 
Larry (Youthful, Urban, Friendly) asterisk
Luis (Spanish Accent, Expressive, Real) asterisk
Mark 2 (Authoritative, Character, Edgy)asterisk
Martin (Compassionate, Authoritative, Compelling)
Matt A. (Warm, Sincere, Playful) asterisk New
Matt R. (Deep, Powerful, Hard-sell)
     Matt R requires a 24-hour turnaround
Michael C. (Storyteller, Trustworthy, Mature)
Michael D. (Friendly, Genuine, Dramatic) 
     Michael D. requires a 48-hour turnaround
Michael J. (Warm, Sincere, Persuasive)asterisk
Michael M1 (Fun, Friendly, Creative)
Michael M2 (Authentic, Charming, Serious) asterisk 
Michael M3 (Urban, Sincere, Persuasive)asterisk
Michael_M4 (Authoritative, Direct, Stylish) asterisk New
Murray (Young, Familiar, Upbeat)
Neil 2 (Relatable, Sincere, Passionate)asterisk
Nolan (Friendly, Country, Charming) asterisk
Paul 1 (Mature, Versatile, Smooth) asterisk
Paul 2 (Versatile, Polished, Warm)
     Paul 2 requires 24-hour turnaround
Pete M. (Upbeat, Intense, Friendly) 
     Pete M. requires 24-hour turnaround
Peter (Mature, Serious, Genuine) asterisk
Racer (Big Announcer, Dramatic, Energetic)asterisk
Randy (Classy, Menacing, Intense)asterisk
Rich (Mellow, Conversational, Serious)asterisk
Rich P. (Believable, Sincere, Inviting)asterisk
Rick G. (Sincere, Warm, Mature)
Rick P. (Father, Folksy, Friendly asterisk 
Rob (Authentic, Uptempo, Hard Sell) asterisk
Roger B. (Mature, Western, Gravelly)
Ron (Mature, Genuine, Friendly)
Ryan (Youthful, Upbeat, Confident)asterisk
     Ryan is unavailable Aug 29; Sept 8-12; Oct 3
Sam (Textured, Friendly, Range)
Scooter (Trust-Worthy, Bold, Baritone) asteriskNew
Scott G (Folksy, Sincere, Conversational) asterisk
Scott N (Upbeat, Youthful, Energetic)asteriskNew
Scott S (Young, Friendly, Believable) asterisk 
Shane (Versatile, Smooth, Energetic)
Shawn (Young, Edgy, Upbeat) asterisk
Steve D. (Husky, Expressive, Announcer) asteriskNew
Steve L. (Young, Edgy, Uptempo) asterisk
Steve L2 (Deep, Dramatic, Intense)
Steve S. (Emotive, Hip, Engaging) asterisk 
Steve V. (Deep, Familiar, Dramatic) asterisk
Stu (Fresh, Energetic, Hip) asterisk
Stuart (Hard-sell, Deep, Energetic)
Tim 2 (Energetic, Hip, Conversational)
Tim 3 (Authentic Australian)
     24-hour turnaround required
Todd 2 (Conversational, Honest, Trustworthy)asterisk
Tom M. (Deep, Strong, Mature) asterisk
Tony (Urban, Sexy, Cool) asterisk
Turner (Urban, Smooth, Powerful)
     Turner requires a 6-hour turnaround
William (Smooth, Natural, Rich) asterisk
Zach (Serious, Energetic, Attitude)asterisk

For Markets and Budgets of most sizes

Alisa (Strong, Sexy, Vibrant)
Alix (Sultry, Charming, Authentic)asterisk
Amanda (Natural, Approachable, Engaging)
Amy K. (Edgy, Fun-Loving, Nurturing)
        Amy K is unavailable Aug 26-31 
Amy R. (Emotive, Sincere, Friendly)asterisk
Arlene (Friendly, Serious, Fun)asterisk
Bobbi (Urban, Smooth, Warm)
Bridget (Businesslike, Straightforward, Natural)
Carolyn (Friendly, Natural, Warm)
     Carolyn is unavailable Aug 28-Sept 2; Sept 11-16; Oct 17
Catherine (Deeper, Polished, Upbeat)
Cathy (Versatile, Natural, Friendly)
     Cathy requires a 24-hour turnaround
Celia (Conversational, Real, Enthusiastic) asterisk
Chris E. (Soothing, Fun, Friendly) asterisk
Cindy (Smooth, Versatile, Warm) asterisk
Dana Rae (Strong, Upbeat, Familiar) asterisk 
Dani (Sultry, Expressive, Natural)  
Debbie (Smooth, Natural, Warm) asterisk
Diane L. (Familiar, Upbeat, Friendly)
     Diane L. will be unavailable August 25-September 2
         all Fridays in September
Diane M. (Versatile, Friendly, Sincere) asterisk
     Diane M. will be unavailable August 22-31;Sept 10-14
Elise (Warm, Fun, Professional)
     Elise requires a 24-hour turnaround
Gale (Warm, Knowledgeable, Real) asterisk
Jacqueline (British, Confident, Calming)asterisk
Jamee (Young, Sultry, Smooth)
Jan (Distinctive, Warm, Inviting)asterisk
Jane (Friendly, Conversational, Professional)
     Jane requires a 24-hour turnaround
Jeannie (Professional, Energetic, Smooth)
Jenn (Friendly, Young, Conversational) asterisk
Jen T. (Natural, Professional, Expressive)
Jessica (Young, Friendly, Fun)
     Jessica requires a 48-hour turnaround
Jewel (Friendly, Smooth, Professional) asterisk
     Jewel is unavailable Aug 27 – Sept 9
Jill (Friendly, Smooth, Professional) asterisk
Jo (Expressive, Fiery, Great Attitude)
     Jo is unavailable Aug 29 – Sept 1
JoJo (Contemporary, Upbeat, Direct) asterisk
Jonna (Classy, Corporate, Emotive) asterisk
     Jonna is unavailable Sept 2
Julie (Caring, Sincere, Thoughtful)
    Julie requires a 24-hour turnaround 
Juliette_British / Juliette_Mid-Atlantic (Dramatic, Light, Honest) asterisk
Karen (Sexy, Young, Fun)
Kelly 1 (Soft, Sexy, Real)
Kim W. (Warm, conversational, sexy)asterisk
Kimberly (Mature, Rich, Warm) asterisk
Kym M. (Professional, Friendly, Smooth)
     Kym M requires a 48-hour turnaround
Linda (Friendly, Natural, Warm)
     Linda requires a 24-hour turnaround
Lisa S. (Professional, Warm, Caring)
Liz A. (Confident, Warm, Friendly)asterisk
     Liz A is unavailable Aug 29 – Sept 1
Liz S. (Warm, Professional, Trusting)asterisk
Margo (Charming, Dramatic, Engaging)asterisk
Maria (Versatile, Sexy and Friendly) asterisk
     Maria is temporarily unavailable 
Mary M. (Soothing, Heartfelt, Upbeat) 
Maureen (Dramatic, Upbeat, Versatile)
Maxine (Fresh, Distinctive, Compelling) asterisk
Melissa (Inviting, Authentic, Flexible) asterisk
Michele O. (Authentic, Flirtatious, Happy) 
M.J.(Smooth, Sexy, Versatile)
Monica L. (Fun, Sincere, Smooth)
Nancy 2  (Sincere, warm, sexy)  asteriskNew
Pam (Familiar, Warm, Friendly)
     Pam requires a 24-hour turnaround
Pat B. (Smooth, Sincere, Inviting) asterisk
Rachel (Versatile, Sexy, Smooth) asterisk
Ronda (Engaging, Familiar, Warm)
     Ronda requires a 24-hour turnaround
Sandee (Smooth, Sincere, Mature)
Shelly B. (Smart, Upbeat, Matter-of-Fact) asterisk 
Susan S (Young, Friendly, Energetic)
Stevie (British, Versatile, Unique)
Tammy (Alluring, Elegant, Likable)asteriskNew
Tanya English / Tanya British (Engaging, Natural, Versatile)asterisk
Tara (Sincere, Familiar, Warm)asterisk
Terry (Versatile, Smooth, Warm) asterisk
Tessa (Caring, Genuine, Sunny) asterisk
Theresa (Soothing, Conversational, Believable) asterisk
     Theresa will be unavailable September 17-22
T.K. (Urban, Warm, Smooth)
Vicki English / Vicki British (Smart, Smooth, Natural)

Availability may vary; minimum 24-hour turnaround.
Only talents with an English demo are bilingual.

    Javier is temporarily unavailable
Mauricio P1
Paco (Castillian)
Roberto (Castillian)

*Talent marked with an asterisk will quote per project


Availability may vary; minimum 48-hour turnaround.

Allie – Age 9
Augusta – Age 10-14
Libby – Age 6
Jonathan – Age 15
    Jonathan is unavailable til further notice
Nicole - age 10
Mother & Daughter Combo! (Dana-Mom & Nicole Age 10)

Quoted per project. Availability may vary; minimum 48-hour turnaround.  

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Alan S (Mature, Versatile, Sophisticated)
Alfonso – Spanish (Versatile, English and Spanish)
Alfonso – English (Versatile, English and Spanish)
Andre French & English  (Bright, Convincing)
Andrew 2 (British, Versatile, Engaging) asterisk
Axel (Spanish, Friendly, Warm)
Bob W (Authoritative, Engaging, Rich) asterisk
Brian B. (Scottish, Strong, Rich)
Brian H. (Versatile, Conversational, Dramatic)
Brian O (Familiar, Friendly, Upbeat)
Chris (Warm, Deep, Mellow) asterisk
     Chris is unavailable for hard-sell or auto dealers
Dan 2 (Versatile, Character, Sincere)
Dan 3 (Spanish, Deep, Warm, Friendly)
Dave S2 (Announcer, High Energy, Warm)
        Dave S2 requires a 48-hour turnaround
David (British, Mature, Dramatic) asterisk
David 2 (British,Warm, Informative)
Edoardo (Italian,Smooth, Rich)
Erick A. (Friendly, Great Attitude, Up Tempo) 
Eric 2 (Distinct, Versatile, Genuine)
Gary (Upbeat, Direct, Confident)
Ian (British, Serious, Direct)asterisk
John T. (Distinct, Versatile, Genuine)
Jorge M.(Spanish, Powerful, Agreeable, Emotive) 
Matt D. (Expressive, Gen-X, Smooth)
Matt H. (British, Versatile, Natural)
Mauricio P2 (Castillian Spanish, Deep)
Michael C2 (British, Young, Engaging)
Nathan (young, hip, storyteller)
Neil (British, natural, conversational)
Nick (British, Approachable, Sincere)
Pat D. (Fresh, Dramatic, Direct)
Richard 2 (British, Friendly, Upbeat, Serious) 
     Unavailable for Holiday-themed scripts
Rob H (Natural, Relaxed, Smooth)
Scott 2 (Friendly, Confident, Baritone)
Simon (British, Warm, Rich, Deep)
Stewart (Younger,Versatile,Colorful)asterisk
Todd 1 (Versatile, Natural, Warm)
Tom H (Announcer, Deep, Strong)asterisk
Von (Powerful, Deep, Strong)

Quoted per project. Availability may vary; minimum 48-hour turnaround.

For additional Tier 2 Voice Talent, visit our sister site: www.provoiceproductions.com


Alejandra (Spanish, Confident, Happy)asterisk 
Arielle (Young, Upbeat, Friendly)asterisk
     Arielle is unavailable Aug 30-Sept 2
Beth (Warm, Smooth, Sexy)
Betsy M (Calming, Nurturing, Storyteller)
C.C. (Sassy, Real, Professional)asterisk
Christy (Believable, Honest, Warm)
Claire (French, Conversational, Believable) 
Denise 2 (Bold, Fun, Versatile)asterisk
Dina (Youthful, Fun, Expressive) asterisk
Donna (Animated, Flexible, Trustworthy)
Fran (Conversational, polished, engaging)
Gaelle (French, Distinctive, Honest) 
Gigi (Authoritative, Caring, Warm)
Jessica B (Animated, Energetic, Youthful)asterisk
Lea (Authentic, Fun-Loving, Upbeat)
Liz D.  (Fun, Upbeat, Conversational)
Mary (Soothing, Comfortable, Friendly)
Mei (Warm, Versatile, Friendly)
Melanie (Rich, Solid, Natural)asterisk
Meredith (Crisp, Genuine, Vibrant)asterisk
Mercedes (Fun, Young, Friendly)
     Mercedes requires a 24-hour turnaround
Pearl (British, Expressive, Fun) asterisk
Peta (Trans-Atlantic accent, British, Australian)
Samantha (French, Smooth, Sophisticated)
Tina (Announcer, Happy, Textured)
Yaneth (Spanish, Alluring, Upbeat) asterisk