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See what people are saying about Wooly Bugger Productions…

“I don’t often send out voiceovers, but when I do, I prefer Wooly Bugger”
Most Interesting Producer In The World

“Thanks, client LOVED IT. You make me look good!”
Jan, KDRV-TV 12

“You guys help us day in and day out to create wonderful products. We appreciate everything you do and wanted to extend our gratitude for such quality work.”
Aaron, Cox Media

“The voiceover’s sound great, thanks for getting them to me as soon as you did. I know the client will be very happy!”
Mike, Video Producer, British Columbia

“Great work on those liners. Opening each one was like opening another gift under the Christmas tree.”
Glenn Woods, KIML-Gillette, Wyoming

“Once again you have proven yourselves to be without peer.”
Mike, Charter Media, South Carolina

“THANK YOU, Wooly Bugger for your fast response last week! You are all very professional!”
Kevin White, Cox Media

“Your customer service helps my customer service time and time again.”
Shawn Dunbar, Producer, Comcast Spotlight, Atlanta, GA

“Thank you! Wooly Rules!”
Chris Hill, Production Director, Charter Media, St Louis, MO

“Thanks so much for the great service! The different takes sounded perfect and gave us plenty of options to choose from. My client and I appreciate the excellent quality and level of service you provided.”
Mike McGillivray, Producer/Director, Comcast Spotlight

“I am personally impressed with the quality, creativity and professionalism. And I am grateful for the quick turnarounds.”
Jay Ruiz, Cox Media, Baton Rouge, LA

“With a MILLION times over, I thank you.”
Sean C. Amore, Strauss Radio Strategies, Inc.

“Wooly Bugger did an exceptional job at filling a particularly challenging voice-over need for our station. They provided several versions from several different talents and, although none were quite what we were looking for, Wooly Bugger didn’t give up. They kept sending us new reads (at no extra cost) until we were satisfied. And we¬†are¬†satisfied!”
Randy Forgo, Creative Producer, NOWTV/Trinity Television

“Your commercial for Jimi Beans is the most entertaining radio commercial I have ever heard!”
Elizabeth, Radio Station Listener, Redding, CA