Writing a Dialogue Script for Persuasion or Training

One of the most common requirements for voice overs is persuasion. Persuasive writing is more than just passing on information compellingly. It can open or change the audience’s mind. The key to persuasive writing is to know your goal and to ensure every sentence moves toward it. Our professional voice over artists can then take that script and make sure you get your point across.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can create a persuasive script that achieves your objectives using some examples and tried-and-tested techniques.


Set the scope and key objectives of the communication

What are you trying to achieve? Enticing customers to try a product or service might be your primary aim. You may be communicating with your employees to improve their performance or customer service abilities, straddling the lines between persuasion and training. Alternatively, you might be making a training video on a specific technical subject or piece of equipment. Whatever it is, write down your objectives before you write a word of your dialogue script.

If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you’ve arrived? A clear list of your main objectives will keep you and everyone involved in this project – including our talented voice over artists – on track. To create the right goals, we recommend that you brainstorm the primary messages you could convey with your script. Now pare this list down to just one or two. If you’re creating an eLearning video, consider what ability your listener will have learned or developed. For a persuasive script, think about the action you would like your audience to complete.

Before writing the script, you should have a list of headline objectives, a breakdown of smaller objectives, perhaps three or four specific points, and a call to action. In a persuasive text, whether or not your viewer or listener performs your chosen call to action will help you measure the success of your script.


Who is the script for?

Persuasion – If you are selling a product, a service, or an idea to laymen or your audience is at the beginning of its journey through a sales funnel, you should adjust your text to their knowledge level and their stage of the buyers’ journey. Engaging, short, and enthusiastic messages may be right to get people interested in what you are saying initially. Once you have their attention, you can go for a deeper dive into the subject and address points in more detail.

Training – The language and tone need to be appropriate to your audience. If your viewers or listeners are highly technical, they will have more patience for technical terms and complex instructions.

You can also use your knowledge of your audience to focus on their key needs and goals. By keeping your writing goal-oriented, you can consistently provide useful, high-quality content that speaks directly to your ideal customer and his or her needs.



Once you are clear about who you are communicating with and why, it will soon be time to develop the structure so that your presentation flows logically from one point to the next. Just as the layout of a shop floor should make sense to customers, the flow of your script should make sense too. Achieve this via structure. If you take this advice, you will be among the top dialogue scriptwriters with a structure that serves as a navigation tool and anchors your core objectives. Start with bullet points. If you lose track of your objectives, the plot may get confused and you could end up wasting a significant amount of time and money.

Persuasion – A short advertisement or information piece needs to be tight. Set the scene, frame a problem or opportunity, include some more in-depth information, and, finally, ask the listener to do something by providing a call to action.

Training – In a longer script, such as an elearning course, start with an introduction that makes the objectives clear. You could provide a statement at the beginning that explains what the trainee/listener should gain by the end. For example, you may wish for your audience to learn how to improve customer service, improve a work environment, or use a system safely and securely.


Keep messages short and sweet. Stay on topic. Keep messages ‘snappy’ and try to make things as simple as possible. Back up affirmations with facts and use stories to make an emotional connection with your audience. Use real-world examples where possible and make sure your audience will be able to identify with any hypothetical situations.


Culture and Language

The culture and language of your audience are also important. At Wooly Bugger Productions, we have French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Latin American Spanish speakers, as well as British, American, and Australian voice talent. Your choice of accent will affect the way your audience engages with the eLearning voice over, even if they don’t know it is happening on a conscious level. We can use our experience to help you make the right choice for your business, its audience, and your objectives.


Narration tone and voice

Using high-quality, natural narration is an excellent way to improve audience engagement and make an emotional connection. If you want your audience to retain and use your information better, hire professional voice talent. Professionals can impart your message effectively. Whatever you do, don’t put all your eggs in an AI basket. A real, nuanced human’s voice will be far more authoritative, trustworthy, and persuasive than a computer-generated offering.

Whatever the tone needed throughout the material, Wooly Bugger Productions will have the ideal voice talent to match your messaging and its intended audience.


Final Thoughts

Treat your audience with respect. Stick to the structure. Stay focused on relevant topics. Your time is precious, but so is that of your audience. Make the most of both with high-quality, natural voice overs and narration.

Simple is best. To maintain a professional appearance, avoid flashy visual elements. Just remember that both persuasive writing and writing for training should have an outcome. It’s not just about entertaining your audience. It’s about inspiring a behavior, developing a skill, or encouraging the completion of a call to action.

Rely on our fast, affordable, professional narration to help you get your message across. Browse Wooly Bugger Productions’ extensive voice over talent. And get in touch today to see how we can help make your message more persuasive or training more effective.

Casting the Perfect Voice

If you are seeking a quality voiceover for your radio or television commercial, training course, corporate presentation, information video, or just about anything that needs a voiceover, Wooly Bugger Productions is your number one choice for quality talent.

Quality voice talent brings your production to life, making a connection with your audience and helping you get your information across. It doesn’t matter what you are producing – poor voice acting will ruin it. Here are things to consider when casting the perfect voice for a script.

Start with your aims and the emotions you want to evoke

The voiceover for a short radio ad is likely to be very different from an elearning voiceover required for a 20-hour training course. Because they have different goals, you’ll want to write these scripts differently and choose the right voice talent for each. Keep in mind the emotional response you are seeking. Are you introducing a corporate initiative? Consider the expectations of your audience and whether or not it understands your industry jargon. If your goal is to impart fun facts to visitors or generate enthusiasm about a new product, you may wish to use a more lively voice.

Our voiceover professionals can portray a range of emotions and feelings. Your job is to keep your text consistent and consider the primary tone of your message. Our voice-talent search function and categorization includes descriptions of our voiceover artists’ key characteristics. This will help you get the voice that matches your text and your brand.

You can tweak many variables to enhance your script. Should the voice of your brand be young and sassy or mature and measured? Whatever you need, our service can help you pick the right talent for your project. If you don’t know what you need, don’t worry, because we can help you hone in on the voice that will convey your message best.

Choosing the right tone, pace, and timbre for your script is easy with Wooly Bugger Productions. We use keywords that relate to specific talents and styles. We have such an extensive range that you are bound to find the right voice for your project. We offer professional voice talent from over 250 unique and experienced voice artists for all types of projects. And you can play samples on our webpage so you can hear them straight away. You can download demos of your top choices to send to your client to review, so you can get their input and approval before going further with the process.

Get the script right to help casting

The better the script, the better the read. Be clear about what you want to achieve. Score your script on getting its point across, not on puns or clever phrases. Sometimes simple is better. While our voiceover professionals will work wonders with any text, you should be aware that our talent is less likely to let you down than poor scripting. So ensure that your writing includes your key messages, a consistent tone, and a strong structure. Thinking in terms of a strong beginning, an informative middle, and an ending that echoes the introduction is a great place to start.

Keep your script as simple and short as possible. If you can convey your information in one minute rather than ten, you should probably do that. And imagine that your ideal listener is in the room with you, listening to your script, with a fascinating cat video just a click away. Write a script that captures and keeps her attention by giving her what she wants in a way that is as engaging and concise as possible. You know your audience better than anyone else so use this knowledge to your advantage and be confident.

When you submit your script to us, we will review the text and contact you with any questions. We always do this before forwarding them to the voice talent. This practice avoids costly do-overs due to potential misunderstandings, misinterpretations, or script errors.

Once your script is ready, we can facilitate casting. We’ll do this over the phone or internet. Before getting in touch with us, be prepared to let us know the desired tone and aim of your script. All our voiceover artists are professionals who will prepare before a reading and respond to direction.

The right language or accent for your audience

We have English, French, French-Canadian, British, Italian, German, and Spanish native speakers on our roster, so there’s plenty to choose from to make your voice talent connect with your audience. The wide range of languages we offer is only one of the elements that set us apart from the competition. Need a script voiced in multiple languages? No problem. And we can even facilitate script translation for you.

When it comes to accent,  it’s more nuanced. The impact of accent in connecting with audiences is well known, with some accents coming across as more fun, more trustworthy, no-nonsense, or ‘cooler.’ Your research or marketing partners may suggest a Latin Spanish accent for a primarily Latin audience. Want a charming British accent for an American audience? We’ve got it covered. Whatever the situation, we can help with our wide range of voice talent.

Final Voiceover Advice

Professional voiceovers are critical to producing quality content, and getting the most from your well-crafted script. It’s critical to budget for top-notch talent. Our rates are generally better than others in the voiceover industry. And our service and roster of talent far exceed the competition. We’ll show you that great voiceover work doesn’t have to bring a tear to your eye.

Whether you need commercial voice talent for narration, radio and television, eLearning or training courses, corporate and branding presentations, on-hold messages, characters – you name it and Wooly Bugger Productions will deliver! We pride ourselves on working with you to take your script to the next level with high-quality and affordable voiceovers. And we’ll provide what you need fast. If you think getting voiceover talent for your script could be easier, please let us know how!


Give our services a try today. You won’t regret it. Get in touch with us today to bring your script to life and connect with your audience.