Copywriting is not easy.  You have (usually) 30-seconds to grab someone’s attention and then keep it – to deliver a message you’d really like them to remember.  With that in mind, here are some copywriting techniques to consider:

Think twice about adding multiple phone numbers, e-mail or web addresses to your copy. Chances are, people will not remember this information and it takes away valuable seconds from your commercial. They will remember your business name and your creative message. Cut out the clutter in your script and focus on the core of your advertisement.

A good rule of thumb to determine script length is the three words per second rule. A comfortable speaking pace is three words per second. Thus, a 30 second script should be roughly 90 words and a 60 second script should be 180 words. Reduce your word count to allow for Jingle intro / outro as needed.  Or, if you will need a sultry or slower read, this will reduce the word count as well.

When translating, keep in mind that 90 words in English will likely not be 90 words in your target language.   In Spanish, for example, your word count for a 30 second script should be approximately 70-80 words. Again, decrease your words to allow for Jingle intro / outro.